Health System Core Competencies Guide

Supporting the Development of Your Health System’s Digital Strategy for Improving Equity in Access to Cancer Treatment and Reducing Patient Financial Toxicity

Healthcare executives and clinical decision makers should use this web tool to develop and advance digital strategies.

Each competency in this guide supports the implementation of a digital strategy, as part of a broader strategy, to improve equity in access to cancer care and reduce out-of-pocket cost for patients.

Customize Core Competency Implementation Based on Your System’s Priorities And Readiness

If you are a Digital Health Division leader, Oncology Service Line leader, or a cancer care provider at a health system, you can leverage this core competencies guide to:

Design a digital strategy to improve equity and reduce financial toxicity

Define and measure successful implementation of your digital strategy, as part of your broader business strategy.

Choose fit-for-purpose digital solutions from the market to implement your digital strategy.